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An association registered under the Non-Profit Organisation Act of 1997 - (Registration number 070-577-NPO)

Our Board of Directors

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Prof. Marian Jacobs

Prof. Marian Jacobs

Prof. Jacobs was Dean and Emeritus Profesor of Paediatrics and Child Health Faculty of Sciences at the University of Cape Town. She authored numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals, as well as books, chapters, proceedings and technical reports in the fields of paediatrics, child health, child policy, public health and health systems and global health. 


Dalmari Steward

Dalmari has over 34 years of leadership experience in staff and volunteer management in the NGO/NPO sector. Her strengths are in administration, leadership development and Organizational Development. Her skills include governance at an executive level for national NPO’s as well as leading local NPO’s to become both financially accountable.

Michael Lapsley

Fr. Michael Lapsley

Fr Michael Lapsley (SSM) is a South African Anglican priest and social justice activist who has worked in many countries in Africa and across the world. In 1998 he established the Institute for Healing of Memories (IHOM) in Cape Town. This organisation works with groups including those affected by political violence, those affected by and infected with HIV and AIDS.

Roxy Marosa

Roxy Marosa

Roxy acquired marketing and sales skills over ten years of working in the retail, building and tourism sectors. Roxy is an inspirational international speaker, life coach, mentor and model who appears in a number of print and television commercials internationally.

Leila Davids

Leila Davids

Leila Davids provides strategic philanthropy and international development advisory services through Philanthropy Africa. Her focus is on supporting bold ideas and smart investments to tackle deep challenges, particularly those that relate to children.

Bridgette Prince

Bridgette Prince

Bridgette is an innovative manager with significant experience in coordinating large-scale, high-profile, collaborative projects more particularly in the area of HIV. Prior to joining The Health Foundation.

Simo-Sihle Mvinjelwa


Simo-Sihle is an experienced transformation leader and HR consultant, specialising in BBBEE. Simo’s skillset embraces diversity & Inclusion training, learning, development and he is skilled in formulating and implementing bespoke training solutions.

Kheth'Impilo (KI) is a South African not-for-profit organisation (070-577-NPO) that has provided innovative approaches to clinical care and treatment services, health and community systems strengthening with social facilitation for more than 13 years through direct program implementation and technical assistance at all levels of health and social service delivery to the South African Government and across sub-Saharan Africa. KI is a leader in public health and social services innovation working towards mitigating the social and health impacts of the triple disease pandemic impacting on disadvantaged South Africans.


What we do:

To advocate for those sufffering from AIDS and related diseases

To create and organise institute co-operative capacity
building programmes for all women and youth that are
living in the organisation's areas of intervention. To
ensure the protection and care for all traumatized
children, child neglect, and underprivileged children,
youth & unemployed women.

What people with AIDS need to know about COVID-19 (The Coronavirus causing it called SARS-CoV-2 Virus)

What is SARS Cov-2 Virus?
It is a new or “novel“ strain of coronavirus that has not previously been identified. Coronaviruses (a family of
RNA viruses) most often cause the common cold. This
family of coronaviruses also exist in some animal species. 

How is it spread?
Like other coronaviruses and respiratory viruses e.g.
influenza, it is spread from person to person by
coughing or sneezing droplets of mucous, saliva,
nasal discharge and respiratory secretions. It is also
spread by touching surfaces that has the virus and
then touching one’s own face, nose, eyes or mouth. 

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 Vision and Mission  



A world where health and well-being for all is supported, protected and sustained



Kheth'Impilo’s mission is to support the individual, household, communities and their Governments achieve their development goals in a sustained way

"Kheth’Impilo has provided community-based adherence support for people taking antiretroviral therapy (ART) through its patient advocate (PA) model since 2003"

Help Us to Help South Africa

Bringing much needed care to the people.
With your assistance we can definitely do more.


20 Howard Drive
Cape Town


Email: info@khethimpilo.org                     
Phone: +27 (0)21 410 4300

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